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Some say its good day for a haircut and a bad day for gardening!

Most people know that Good Friday is the day, according to Christian belief, that Jesus was crucified on the cross, but there are a few lesser known traditions and superstitions - read our blog post here: Good Friday | Somewhere in the world today

This happens in Silver Spring, MD - around our office building - every year. Hundreds of people join in and major roads are shut down.


Say Anything is 25 years old, as are all the unfulfilled hopes and aspirations of your youth, including but not limited to the dream you had of making a difference in the lives of people other than your friends and family and the vague ideas that at some point in your life the work you would be doing would have meaning in and of itself and not merely be the thing you dragged yourself into each morning because you became a prisoner to status and possessions and the ever-increasing series of compromises and “temporary” positions you took with the delusion that you would only do those things until you got yourself to a place where you were able to follow your bliss, and now when you look back on that idealistic kid from 1989 you are stricken with a mixture of disgust for the ignorance of youth and sadness about the hard realities of life. But of course this is only true for people of a certain age; if you are much younger, don’t worry, I’m sure everything will work out exactly the way you expect it to.

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Big Acorn TV news: the final Poirot episodes, including Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case will be making their premieres ONLY on

These episodes mark the end of David Suchet’s legendary portrayal of the Belgian detective, a role he has made his own over the show’s 25-year run. At the end of this series, Suchet will have starred in all of Christie’s Poirot novels and short stories—70 in all. 

The five films that comprise this series will be available on Acorn TV starting 7/28—after that, we’ll be premiering one episode each Monday.

“David Suchet’s swansong as Hercule Poirot proved that the show has been one of TV’s greatest achievements…and great TV performances of the past 30 years…five stars.” -The Telegraph

For Agatha Christie fans …

Check us out, kids.

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