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The New LA Place

I’m officially moved into my new place and, despite being in the valley, it’s pretty spectacular. Here’s why:

1) I can watch TV from my bathtub.

2) I have a bathtub that works AND it has a big ledge for my wine glass.

3) When the fire alarm goes off, a Siri-like lady says “Fire. Fire. Fire.” (Let’s not get in to how I know that already.)

4) My cats are terrified by all the empty space, so they may never bother me again with wanting to eat. Marie has been hiding under the covers for 24 hours and Donny goes between my suitcase and the bathtub.

5) I get to decorate all over again and it’s so fun how much my taste has changed in the last 6 years. (Grey! Yellow! Grey! Teal!)

6) Work is just 5 minutes away so I can get up almost an hour later here. (Only downside, there’s a lot of sunshine in LA so my bedroom is like the surface of the sun at 7am.)

7) They sell booze in the grocery store here - and I do mean hard alcohol.

8) This apartment is double the size of my condo, so TONS of storage AND a guest room and guest bathroom. Whoa.

9) Double sinks in my bathroom. I’m gonna rotate!

10) English is not the predominant language, so when people have inane conversations in public, I don’t know and I’m not annoyed.

If you’ve got an opportunity to make a huge life change after 35, I highly recommend it. Unless your life is already awesome.

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